Halloween Makeup with Kenzie Hart and Kirsten Reece


Seattle Creasy, Senior Writer

Many people attempt to really get their spooky looks down in time for Halloween. Two people who did not have to worry about perfecting these special effects are Juniors, Kenzie Hart and Kirsten Reece.

The looks are extremely detailed and show how talented these makeup artists are. “I don’t even know if I know how to do regular makeup”, says Hart, whose specialty is these kinds of looks, “I would call the makeup I do abstract”.

They both have been doing makeup art for quite a bit of time. Hart started in 2017, and has progressively done it more and more frequently, growing the number of looks she does a year to about 30!

Reece had an early start with her makeup journey, beginning at six years old. Reece would join her sister who was going through cosmetology school at the time in painting her nails, doing her hair and makeup, along with doing her younger siblings’ makeup.

One thing the girls really differ from one another on is what kind of makeup they each do. Reece specializes in both everyday makeup and unique looks, whereas Hart prefers to stick to the abstract, unique looks, as seen in the photo above of her witch costume!