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Limestone Celebrates 70th Year

LCHS grad, Carol Holmes, reflects on her time as a Rocket
Limstone in 1953
Limstone in 1953

Limestone Community High School is celebrating its 70th anniversary this year. Class of 1955 graduate, Carol Holmes, briefly reflected on her time as a student.

Opening its doors on October 14th, 1953, Limestone has been the area’s high school. Prior to the opening of LCHS, students in the area attended either Manual or Pekin High Schools. Early on in the first year, students would attend school for half of a day on Saturdays to make up for the time lost due to LCHS opening in October. However, those who had jobs were excused.  Limestone was initially much smaller than it is today. However, additions were made to the school in 1959, 1966, 1999, and 2022.

According to Holmes, “When Limestone High School first opened in 1953, I was a junior and a lot of teachers were a few years older than we were because they had just graduated from college.”  She continued, “There were no rules or regulations; they made most of them because of us. We had an open lunch hour and where the veterinary clinic is now was the Rockette, a restaurant and it was just sort of a fun thing.”  Holmes shared that one time a group of girls left school, and when they returned, a teacher asked, “How was the movie?”

The first year of Limestone was surprisingly smooth. There was a homecoming game and dance and basketball, football, and other sports teams.

All students were required to meet the dress code requirements.  Occasionally there were “jean days.” However, according to Sandie Simmons, who graduated in 1969, those days were gone by the time she was in high school. Outside of these special days, students were required to dress in a manner that is quite foreign to modern students. Boys’ hair had to be a certain length; long hair was unacceptable. Their shirts needed to be tucked in, and they wore formal shoes on a daily basis. Girls, on the other hand, could not wear regular pants. Instead, they had to wear skirts.

When asked how she feels about it being Limestone’s 70th year, Holmes said “I’m just happy to still be here.”

The Amulet, which has been the yearbook for Limestone for the past 70 years, was named by a student. Her name was Marlys Ollig, and she was a part of the class of 1954. According to Holmes, nobody at the time knew what Amulet meant or the significance of it. An amulet is something worn around the neck that has a photograph in it. They are commonly thought to be protection against bad luck. 

In the early years, the cafeteria was underground. In 1966, the cafeteria was moved upstairs and became the cafetorium because it was not only a place to eat, but it also served as the school’s auditorium. Sometime later, the two were separated.

Limestone Community High School was named after Limestone Township. Limestone Township is a township in Peoria County that includes Bartonville, Norwood, Bellevue, and other towns. The township is named for the abundance of Limestone found within its borders.


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