Looking Forward in 2023


Ethan Tortat, Senior Writer

Limelight emailed a survey to students to find out what they were looking forward to in the New Year, responses can be seen below. If you would like to be featured in the next Limelight survey, make sure to check your email, they’re done every few weeks.

Graduating, I wanna make my family proud.” – Kelly Sally
“Getting my Neonatal CNA  job at Peoria Children’s Hospital because I really love working with children.” – Ella Lukeheart

“Hanging out with my friends a lot more.” -Addyson VanEtten
“I am excited to start college.” -Ryder Becker
“Graduation! It’ll be the start of a new life chapter and I’m excited to see where I go.” – Jordan Schindler

“Wrestling, Hoping for a good season and a good run at state.” – Hector Izaguirre

“Visiting colleges and going out of state. Last year I got super sick in the summer so I wasn’t able to visit any colleges or anything so I plan on making this year my year.” – Kenzie Suits

“Seeing if I start my table building side business.” – Adam Davis

“In 2023, I’m most looking forward to change. I want to change as a person and I also want to change the people I keep around me.” – Iasya Payton

“I’m excited to spend more family time and spending more time with god.” – Khole Stear

“Meeting new friends, people, etc.” – Aiden Farris

“Graduation because it will get me one step closer to doing what I want to do in life.” – Aiden Graham

“I’m looking forward to traveling a lot this year.” – Naija Williams