A Word of Advice


Max Chrestenson, Senior Writer

I cannot put into words how graduating high school makes you feel. I never thought that a final goodbye to all my peers would leave me at a loss for words, though a surplus of emotions is hung over my heart. It feels almost as if this is the end of all things great and small, and I am to say goodbye to everything I ever knew. The good times and the bad times are equally important in the changes I have gone through to be where I am today. As a student, I advise those who are confused or struggling with where they are now, to let go. Take a breath and look around you. Take in every little detail you would’ve passed by if not for this moment. As a friend, I will tell you that these four years will fly by faster than you could ever imagine. Every second that you let float past you filled with nothing to do, will come back to haunt you when it’s your turn to be where I am today. 

When I say these things, they are not meant to be heard as a warning, or a foreshadowing of anything that could be seen as negative. I write to you all to say goodbye, and to thank all of you for the time I was lucky enough to spend with you all. Truth be told, I wish I did more to be a bigger part of this school. So not only as a student or a friend, but as a graduating senior, I strongly urge you all to take that extra step. Tryout for that sport you’re interested in, audition for the play that your friends are telling you to, participate in clubs and shows, and make every possible effort to see the brighter side of things. All you get is four years, It’s up to you to make the most of them.