Holiday Movie Poll

Holiday Movie Poll

Cody Smith, Senior Writer

Home Alone wins the poll sent via e-mail


After responding to the poll, students were asked to share their favorite holiday movie.

“My all-time favorite is the Grinch but not the original. They should watch it because it’s weird but funny because it all takes place inside of a snowman.” – S. Adams
“Mickey Mouse Christmas Carol. It is a great movie to tell of mistakes and to see the characters you love.” – K. MacKenzie
“Nine Lives of Christmas, because it is entertaining and it’s about cats. What’s not to love?” – J. Grove

“I think that Elf is my favorite. To me, it is the most iconic, and it’s the movie I feel the need to watch every year.”  – P. Meismer



“The Polar Express. Why? Well, it’s a Christmas must-have plus it’s truly Christmas it’s a great story and plot line. You really get to feel the magic of Christmas through the movie.” – T. Holt