A Final Farewell: Class of 2022


maddeonna menchaca, Senior Writer

High school flies, no matter what you think it will go by faster than you think it is. Coming into high school I had no idea if I was going to come this far. Freshman year I was petty, immature and didn’t take this seriously.  Now seeing how much of a big part of life high school is,  I’m glad I pushed through.  Sophomore year I never came to school, and I still kept the mindset of how useless this would be for me.

Junior year I realized it was getting real, and I got scared I couldn’t do it so it really was pointless.  I almost dropped out. My teachers and family both pushed me through the rest of junior year and got me to the next. Senior year I was a whole different person than I was 2 months ago.  I grew up and took into consideration I can do this, so I did.  I am in the graduating Class of 2022!

Don’t take this time for granted because teachers make you mad or the work is too much because in the end all of the hot first days and all the exciting last days were so worth it.  This last day is most worth it. I suggest staying pushing and moving forward every small goal counts for the big one. Don’t count the hours till you are out, live in them because they are the only ones you will ever get for that moment and they are all worth something.

With that, to everyone who attends Limestone, I wish you good luck.