Ethan Tortat, Writer

What is PDA? PDA stands for “Public Display of Affection” usually used to refer to how couples interact with each other outside of their homes. There is nothing wrong with displaying affection with your partner, but sometimes people may be a little too affectionate with one another. I believe excessive PDA does not belong in the halls of Limestone.


Holding hands in the halls is a common sight, and there is nothing wrong with that. In my opinion, hugs are completely fine, too. Maybe even a little peck on the cheek would be acceptable if we were not in a huge pandemic right now. However, some things, like making out, are really crossing the line. Just because it is joked about in movies definitely does not mean you should do it at your real school, where real people can see you.


Unfortunately, it is not just the movie scenes that make others cringe. Walking through the halls of Limestone,  I have seen my fair share of PDA. After talking to my peers, I know I am not the only one bothered by this. The passing period is for getting to your next class, and for a quick chat in the halls, not to have an intimate moment where everyone can see you.


I’m not even going to mention that you shouldn’t be taking your mask off in the halls for any longer than to munch on a snack or take a sip of your drink. The main issue, pandemic or not, is that you can make your peers very uncomfortable in situations like these. There’s no real problem with doing it outside of school, just anywhere else. 


If spreading germs and being judged by your peers is not enough to convince you from engaging in PDA, what about a painfully embarrassing visit to the Dean’s office? I’m sure no one wants to talk to a dean about that. So, just save yourself the trouble and keep PDA out of our hallways.