Q&A with Girls Golf Coach Renz

Q&A with Girls Golf Coach Renz

Max Chrestenson, Writer

Q: What is your opinion on having no state series this year?

A: I think it’s a shame, but I understand the IHSA’s standpoint.  With the current pandemic of COVID-19, we would be unable to host players, spectators, etc from various regions throughout the State.

Q: What is your overall feeling on the team this year?

A: The team is ALL completely brand new. We have 9 girls (3 Sophomore & 6 Freshman). The girls have very little to NO experience at all.  However, they have done great so far!  They are coachable, fun to be around, and are improving quite well!  Our last 2 matches we have shot team scores of 209 & 214. We also won our 1st MI Conference match vs East Peoria. 🙂

Q: What is your starting line-up?

A: Our top 6 players could change a tad depending upon averages or scores.

Q: How has the season gone so far? 

A: The season has gone well.  We have improved quite a bit and I think the girls are having fun.

(l to r) Coach Renz, Isabella Sims, Kami Dunne, Addyson Thornton, Kayley Fruendt, Alayna Rudebeck, Mia Dusek, Emmerson Hurn, Abigail Fehl, Morgan Stephens