Unified Basketball Goes to State


On March 11th, 2023, LCHS’ Unified basketball team took their regular season wins, into the off-season and placed 3rd in the IHSA Unified Basketball Tournament.   All 15 of the unified players were coached by LCHS seniors Hector Izaguirre, Ashton Granneman, and Ayden Williams. 

The team worked together well and were all greatly inclusive of each other. For most of the players, it was their first time playing. However, that didn’t stop the team from trying their hardest and succeeding.

Other than just playing and working their absolute hardest on the court, the team spent quality time together at the hotel, the movies, and multiple lunches and dinners. Quality team time is key to a successful season.

When Coach Izaguirre, was asked about his favorite part of this season he explained, “Just getting to watch all of our teammates score, and their reactions were even better.”

For all the players, students, teachers, and other adults involved this was an incredible experience and something LCHS students and staff would love to continue and grow.

Stacey Seals and Abby Tyra are the faculty co-sponsors.