Stoner Returns to Volleyball


Grayce Beran, Writer

Shelly Stoner has returned as head coach for Limestone Community High School’s Volleyball program after a four year break. 

When coaching began to feel more like a job, Stoner decided she needed to step down. She noticed that she was beginning to dread planning practices. The amount of time she was spending outside of school for volleyball was starting to take a toll on her, yet Stoner felt it was a, “blessing in disguise,” citing her father’s health struggles and need for care.

Stoner returned to coaching this year because she missed the competition and getting to know the athletes. The position was available after Coach Paloma Simundic resigned. Stoner said, “The position was posted, but no one had applied, so when asked if I’d take it back over I immediately contacted Coach Sergent and said I would if she would.” 

As Stoner has returned, she is now facing the challenge of teaching new players and getting to know them. “Getting back in the routine has been an adjustment, but coaching new players has been exciting!” said Stoner. Her favorite part about coaching is building relationships with the players and getting to know them outside of the sport. 

This season marks Stoner’s 16th year coaching for Limestone volleyball and her 9th year as head coach. Currently, Limestone’s Varsity team has a 12-2-1 winning record which includes a big win over IVC.