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IHSA Rule Changes


The 2023-24 high school boys and girls basketball seasons have been different as a result of rule changes. 

In the past, when a team reached a certain amount of fouls in a half, the opposing team shot one-and-one free throws for fouls even if they weren’t in the act of shooting. Now, when a team reaches five fouls in a quarter, the opposing team shoots two free throws for all fouls.  

“With one-and-one free throws being eliminated, the game has become more physical. I think referees are not making many calls, because they don’t want to prolong the game any longer than it is supposed to be. As a coach, you don’t want to get over five fouls during a quarter, because you don’t want the other team in the bonus early. Therefore you try to encourage your player not to foul to avoid that,” said boys varsity basketball coach Willie Coleman.

The new free throw rule is not the only recent change. During the 2022-23 season, the IHSA allowed the use of a shot clock in tournament play, but this year it’s being utilized often.  Coleman says the IHSA should allow it in regular-season play because it prepares players for the next level.

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