Homecoming 2020



LCHS 2020 Homecoming court: Sophomores Hawkeye Adams and Judi Georges, Seniors Gracie Galletti and Gabe Zeller, Homecoming King Avery Rush, Homecoming Queen Bella Welton, Juniors Wilson Georges and Charli Potts, Freshman Grace Fleming, not pictured Freshman Jason Liu

Makayla Sanders, Senior Writer

The 2020-2021 Homecoming looked a little different this year.  According to student council president Melena Wade, the events that took place this year were the Variety show, spirit days, chalk drawings, and royalty. 

The variety show was different from previous years. It was held Saturday, October 24th at 6 pm on the football field. Students were allowed to sit either in the field. Due to covid, there was a limit of 600 people allowed, tickets were sold at school on a first come first serve basis student council member Madisyn Howard explained. Royalty was also announced at this event. 

   Spirit days were held the whole week of homecoming week. There were competitions between classes to see who gets the most points during this exciting week. Participation between all 4 classes made the weeks fun and exciting even though all the regular events, like the homecoming parade, game, and dance, could not happen this fall. 

    The student council hopes to be able to host a homecoming dance and parade in the spring, stay tuned for more information about that as the school year continues.