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Take Back Your Life ’24


On Friday the 19th the Take Back Your Life tour arrived at the Peoria Civic Center with Plush, Falling in Reverse, and Disturbed

Plush (2021-Now)

Plush is a newer, all-female, rock/metal band whose lead singer is Moriah Formichia.  Their first album dropped in 2021, and their most recent ep, “Find the Beautiful” was released this year.  Below is their setlist:

  • Athena
  • Champion
  • Run
    (live debut)
  • Barracuda
    (Heart cover)
  • Hate
  • Hope It Hurts
    (live debut)
  • Left Behind

Falling in Reverse (2008-Now)

Falling in Reverse is a rock band fronted by Ronnie Radke.  While the singer does get in a lot of situations online having arguments on tik tok and other social media platforms, the band hasn’t had any new albums, but they recently released the song, “Watch The World Burn.”  Below is their setlist:

  • Zombified
  • I’m Not a Vampire
  • Losing My Mind
  • F**k You and All Your Friends
  • The Drug in Me Is You
  • Just Like You
  • Watch the World Burn
  • Voices in My Head
  • Popular Monster


Disturbed (1994-Now)

Disturbed is a rock band from Chicago with the singer David Draimen who recently released the album, “Divisive.”

  • Hey You
  • Stupify
  • Ten Thousand Fists
  • Prayer
  • Are You Ready
  • Bad Man
  • A Reason to Fight
  • Guitar Solo
  • Land of Confusion
    (Genesis cover)
  • The Vengeful One
  • Drum Solo
  • The Game
  • The Sound of Silence
    (Simon & Garfunkel cover)
  • Bass Solo
  • Indestructible
  • Don’t Tell Me
    (with Moriah Formica) (live debut)
  • The Light
  • Unstoppable
  • Down With the Sickness
  • Inside the Fire

The Concert

Plush started the show and they were a pretty good band. I liked some of their music, but, unfortunately, they had a pretty short setlist so the stage was set for Falling in Reverse. FiR started with police sirens leading into their song, “Zombified.”  They played great songs like, “Watch the World Burn,” in which they played three versions of the end:  the normal low voice to a “Switch up” higher voice, and a deep guttural version.   Each version had fire blasting at the beginning of each line. They also had a short setlist.  Disturbed came up with an amazing stage set out for them with moving pyrotechnics on the ceiling and stationary ones on the floor they had the longest set out of all.


It was good show, but I would have liked to have seen a much longer setlist of the first two bands. I would love to hear Plush’s future songs because I have high hopes that they will be a good band.  I also hope FiR will release a new album instead of singles and eps. In the future, I would like to see Disturbed more of their recognizable songs because that’s what most people were probably there for.

If you like shows like this Breaking Benjamin and Daughtry will perform at the Peoria Civic Center on March 29th.  More information and tickets can be purchased here:

Disturbed: "Take Back Your Life" 2024 North American Tour
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