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Rock Resurrection ’23

Rock Resurrection 23

On November 15th the Rock Resurrection tour came to the Peoria Civic Center and featured Saint Asonia, Theory of a Deadman, and Skillet.


Saint Asonia (2014-Now)

Saint Asonia opened the show, and its singer and rhythm guitarist Adam Gotiner ex-Three Days Grace singer. They played amazing songs throughout and the stage lights/smoke were good with the mic holder being a robotic hand overall it was a good opener.

  1. Better place
  2. Above It All
  3. Devastate
  4. Never Too Late
    (Three Days Grace cover)
  5. I Hate Everything About You
    (Three Days Grace cover)
  6. I Don’t Care
    (Apocalyptica cover)
  7. Wolf
  8. Let Me Live My Life




Theory of a Deadman(1999-Now)

Theory of a Deadman is a Canadian rock band with lead singer Tyler Connolly their most recent album “Dinosaur” was the second band that played, in concerts they played songs while the bands switched out which played Sweet Caroline and at the end it faded out and became distorted into the first song dinosaur with Tyler wielding his chrome guitar shining a beacon out into the crowd they had also played some covers as well, overall this was also a good band and I loved what they did.


  1. Dinosaur
  2. B***h Came BackPhotos: Theory of a Deadman rocks Peterborough Memorial Centre
  3. Blow
  4. Two of Us (Stuck)
  5. Not Meant to Be
  6. Lowlife
  7. Santa Monica
  8. History of Violence
  9. Wicked Game
    (Chris Isaak cover)
  10. Ambulance
  11. Friends in Low Places
    (Dewayne Blackwell cover)
  12. Angel
  13. Hate My Life
  14. Rx (Medicate)
  15. Bad Girlfriend



Skillet is a Christian rock band from Memphis Tennesee with lead singer and bassist John Cooper. They were the last band of the night, they played back-to-back great songs, and during some of the songs near the end they had two platforms that the guitarists would stand on and they would go up and down, during the song Monster they brought out a platform with a skull looking face that shot smoke. Along with giving out some speeches and appreciating everyone showing up this was the best band of the night.

  1. Feel Invincible
  2. Rise
  3. Surviving the Game
  4. Legendary
  5. Monster (Live) - Music Video by Skillet - Apple Music
    Awake and Alive
  6. Hero
  7. Not Gonna Die
  8. Whispers in the Dark
  9. Psycho In My Head
  10. Anchor
  11. Comatose
  12. Finish Line
  13. Monster
  14. Rebirthing
  15. The Resistance


This was only the second concert I had ever been to but it was great, all of the songs were good, and the bands put up wonderful performances. It was also good to see the band members interact with the crowd.  Someone in the audience screamed at Connolly, from Theory,  that they loved his guitar, and he said,  “It loves you, too!” while flashing back of the guitar which said I love you.   Skillet’s Cooper had appreciative words for the audience.   Other than that, the crowd seemed to have loved the show and I did, too.

I’m glad the Peoria Civic Center is bringing more rock/metal shows in addition to the many country concerts.  The next metal concert in Peoria will be Disturbed and Falling in Reverse on January 19th at the Civic Center.

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