Argos 1756 Bound for World Competition


Julian Murphy, Writer

Argos, Limestone’s First Robotics Competition team is headed to the FRC World Competition in Houston.  Argos qualified by being on the winning alliance at the Central Illinois Regional held at Bradley University. 

One Argos team member, Brandon Lewis said, “It was a lot of fun to be a part of and I look forward to the future of the team”.  Argos is also sponsored by a group of Caterpillar engineer mentors who have a great relationship with the students. They were ranked number one going into finals with a score of 11-1 in the Central IL Regional at Bradley University.

Before the Central Illinois Regional, Argos students finished in the top 8 with the second place alliance in the St. Louis Regional competition at St. Louis University.    They also won the creativity award for their bot.   First-year sponsor, Julie Powers said, “We were amazing; we were rockstars.”

This year’s robotics event was a strategy-based challenge where each team of robots had to work together to complete the tasks of picking up cones and cube and strategically placing them in the scoring zone.

Students participated in a pre-season during first semester, and began constructing and programming the bot for competition after the game announcement and brainstorming on January 7th. 

The team is co-sponsered by Jenn Campbell.