Key Club Attends Convention


Cody Smith, Senior Writer

Members of the Key Club attended the annual Illinois/Eastern Iowa Key Club convention at the Crowne Plaza in Springfield from March 10-12.

Key Club co-sponsor Jen Campbell explained,  “We do have, within Mid-Ilini, a good amount of kids within Key Club so we’re hoping next year we can do more activities.”

At the convention, the group shared what they had learned in sessions with one another and brainstormed ways they could implement new ideas to better serve their community.  The group discussed improvements to the Hope Garden at Alpha Park, babysitting at school events, working with area grade schools, and possibly working with local nursing homes.

In their efforts to better the community, Key Club continues to meet every year to plan ways to help schools and communities to be better. Cecelia Reed, vice president of Key Club says, “Going to district convection has to be my favorite part about being in Key Club, I have met so many new people during that weekend, and I love all the different interactions I have had.  If you are thinking about joining Key Club, do it!”