Limestone Introduces Electronic Wish list for 2023-2024 Classes


Julian Murphy, Writer

In preparation for the 2023-2024 school year, Limestone Community High School has implemented the new Skyward wishlist system for students to request their classes. In previous years there has been a meeting for all students with a paper form with available classes and students would go through the process of submitting that form with parents’ signatures. Now students can input their requested classes in Skyward after consulting with their families.  They will have the opportunity to finalize their courses with their counselors in the coming weeks.

Once all courses are entered into Skyward, the Limestone administration can create the master schedule. When that is complete students will then begin receiving their schedules. Students will not receive their schedules any sooner as they are dependent on the master schedule. Limestone’s head counselor  Jayshree Panchal said, “I hope that this process will help the students feel more invested in researching and understanding courses they planning on taking.”

This is following the steps of many other schools that have made a switch to similar online methods as well as being similar to college systems that some students will use in the future. Scheduling in this manner is new and there are some glitches within that are being worked through. With this change, students will be able to easily choose the classes that they want to focus on for their future careers.  Panchal elaborated, “Our goal is to make sure students are meeting their graduation requirements, and then they’re able to take electives that are related to the career or the field that they’re interested in.”