Accommodating Late Busses


Dagan Brick, Writer

The buses being late has become more common than in previous years


First Student and Limestone have been actively speaking on solutions for the issue. First Student has a staffing and recruitment program in place to try getting more drivers, which they have stated was going well and that they have multiple people in the final stages of becoming drivers.


The assistant superintendent, Denise Ryder, handles all transportation for the school and stated that Limestone Community High School and First Student are still running the same number of routes as last year but that there are fewer drivers due to a labor shortage. They are so understaffed that they send drivers from other districts and even Springfield, which is one of the main causes for the buses being late.


The buses being late has impacted students significantly, such as being late to class, sometimes so much so that they get there after first hour ends. Some students also have to watch younger siblings after school. “We’re trying to make that transition as seamless as possible for families,” said Ryder.


Ryder also stated things that they have done to accommodate students that ride the buses, they have extended the duration that breakfast goes for and will write passes for students so that they aren’t counted as late to class. Ryder also stated that the teachers have been very flexible and accommodating with the students that have shown up late.