Encanto Review

Cody Smith, Senior Writer

Encanto is a 2021 movie about a family who was given a miracle that caused them to have special abilities that are specific to each member of the family. All children in the family have an ability except for the main character, Mirabel. Each child gets their gift when they come of age to receive it, but Mirabel is the only person to not have gotten one at her ceremony. The movie starts on the day of Mirabel’s cousin’s ceremony, but the family is trying to make everything go well since the last ceremony did not end the way it was expected to. The ceremony works out and Antonio, Mirabel’s cousin, gets the gift to communicate with animals. Mirabel feels left out from the family and goes back into the house to see the walls crack and the candle almost goes out, but when she goes to tell everyone about what happened nobody believed her and thought she was just jealous of her cousin’s success to obtain a gift. She goes to talk to her cousin who has enhanced hearing and she reveals that Mirabel’s sister, Luisa, may have a clue what is happening to the magic. When Mirabel goes to talk to Luisa, she learns that Luisa is stressed due to expectations from people wanting her help due to her enhanced strength. Luisa reveals she felt weak around the time Mirabel saw the candle almost go out and that Bruno had a vision about something similar happening. Everything past this point builds up towards the ending and would kind of spoil it so if you want to see the ending you should go watch the movie on Disney plus.

Personally, I think this movie is pretty good, the ending was okay and I enjoyed the songs quite a bit. I’d recommend this movie to people that have enjoyed Disney movies in the past.  I rate this a 4.7/5.  I enjoyed it, but the songs are being overplayed.