Spring Musical 2022

Rhett Kleiber, Writer

The spring musical, Once Upon a Mattress, will be held March 18-20.  It is a story of the princess and the pea, a fairytale set in 1492.  In the show, the queen tries to find a husband for her son, but she keeps sabotaging all of the princesses. Emma Hartzell Limestone’s choir director chose to do this play because she has memories of how fun this show was to perform, and it has been on her bucket list for a while. She’s most excited about bringing the play to life and the joy of it!

The cast list is currently out, congratulations to:

Minstrel: Ryder Becker
Wizard: Logan Jenke
Jester & The Nightingale of Samarkand: Aidan Graham
Princess Winifield: Kenzie Hart
Prince Dauntless the Drab: Clay Schneider
Sir Harry: Dylan Jones
Lady Larken: Morgan Stephens
Queen Aggravain: Minty Reece
King Sextimus the Silent: Caleb Ortman
Princess No. 12: Jill Jungels-Norris
Lady Rowena: Adrien Fickes
Lady Merrill: Olivia Lewellen
Lady Lucille: Kaelyn Lambie
Sir Studley: Logan Cooke
Sir Luce: Anakin Jenke
Lady Mabell: Ava Bentley
Ladies-in-Waiting: Savanna Bart, Emely Canizales, Emma Clark, Aliah Cox, Hailee Dozard, Maddy Eikmeyer, Stephanie Hammond, Mariana Mitchell-Williams, Zoey Pepsak, Cecelia Reed, Bella Saeqer, Victoria Towle
Knights: David Billingsley, Lucas Kunz, Noah Smith, Zeke Whitehurst
Directed by: Mrs. Emma Hartzell