The Limelight Wreath


Seattle Creasy, Senior Writer

Last Monday, the Limelight crew was tasked to build a wreath out of limited supplies. We were given pliers, a wire clothes hanger, ornaments, ribbon tulle, string lights with a battery pack, and glittery decorations.

As soon as we could begin we did, with Victoria using the pliers to deconstruct the original shape of the wire hanger and make it into a circular shape with two openings, allowing us to string the ornaments on. I wrote down a pattern for the order of ornaments and Ethan handed me each one so I could string them on. Adam and Aiden worked on the tulle decorations and made them into bow decorations, Cody and Rhett found batteries for the string lights, and Madde and Kenzie worked on coming up with ideas and gave moral support.

We were supposed to have two days to work on this project but worked at a speed so fast you’d think our lives were on the line. But in the end, it turned out very cute and it hangs perfectly on our door!