New LCHS Trainer


Cody Smith, Senior Writer

Jennifer Kindred is an athletic trainer at Limestone Community High School.  Kindred works for Midwest Orthopaedic Center and has a contract which allows her to work for LCHS.

Kindred described her job as, “An athletic trainer is a healthcare professional. We have a wide range of skills and knowledge. We mostly work in the prevention and care of musculoskeletal injuries.” She has been certified as an athletic trainer for 8 years and has worked at several levels of sports, such as NCAA Division I, NJCAA, and with high school students.  In addition to prevention and care of injuries, Kindred has also been able to help people recover from joint replacement surgery.

According to her, her favorite part of her job is that every day is different.  Kindred enjoys working at Limestone, saying it has a welcoming nature and kind people. She’s usually here from about 2 pm to 8 pm on weekdays and Saturdays.  She enjoys her job and enjoys helping athletes stay able to play and keep them physically able to keep in sports.

Kindred received her Bachelor’s degree in athletic training from Eastern Illinois University and went to Central Michigan University for her Master’s in sports administration.