“Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” review

Ferris Buellers Day Off review

Cody Smith and Rhett Kleiber

 Ferris Bueller’s Day Off is a 1986 film directed by John Hughes with Matthew Broderick as the titular role of Ferris Bueller. The film is about a teen faking sick to get a day off of school with his girlfriend Sloan, who is played by Mia Sara, and his best friend Cameron, played by Alan Ruck. They are pursued by Ed Rooney who is played by Jeffery Jones who is attempting to catch Ferris and his friends in the act of truancy. 

After his mother is told about his nine absences he hacks the school computer and lowers it to two and the Dean of Students starts to plan a way to thwart his plans of skipping school. Cameron then calls the dean pretending to be someone else. That gets Ferris’ girlfriend out of school after stealing Cameron’s dad’s car.

After getting Sloan they hit the streets of Chicago where they pay a man to watch the car so they can visit Sears Tower. They go to a fancy restaurant and manage to weasel their way into admission and barely scrape by his dad on the way out.

As the dean continues his search for Bueller he doesn’t notice him and his friends at Wrigley Field watching the Chicago Cubs. The dean then goes to Ferris’ house and attempts to find him and call him out on his lies but manages to get stuck in the mud. He decides to try to go through the doggie door, but only gets chased by the dog without making any progress on his investigation. Meanwhile, Ferris and his friends go to a museum and look at paintings and other works of art found. 

Cameron, Ferris, and Sloan go to a parade, while Cameron and Ferris argue about whether to return the car now or wait. Ferris’ friends lose him, but then find him singing on a parade float to prove a point to Cameron to loosen up. The crowd then sang along to Ferris singing Twist and Shout by The Beatles.

The movie cuts back to the Dean watching Ferris’ sister Jeanie, enter the home. He then enters the house without the consent of the homeowner. Jeanie kicks the Dean 3 times in the face and leaves him unconscious in the kitchen. Ferris and his friends retrieve Cameron’s dad’s car and head home. They notice the car has an additional couple thousand miles, while Jeanie calls the police the Dean leaves only to see his car being towed.

Ferris and Sloan try to help relieve Cameron’s shock after seeing the total miles of the car. After falling into the pool, Cameron regains his normal state of mind and they begin to play around in the pool. Charlie Sheen then appears out of nowhere and talks to Jeanie, they fall in love after knowing each other for less than 5 minutes.

After getting the car home they attempt to put the car in reverse to change the miles back to normal but it obviously doesn’t work. Then the car rolls out the back of the garage and crashes out the window and falls down a hill and gets wrecked after Cameron kicks it out of rage. After the realisation settles in Ferris offers to take the blame but Cameron refuses and grows as a person.

Ferris’ mom gets his sister from the police station after she kissed Charlie Sheen. The movie then wraps up with Ferris rushing home while avoiding his mom and sister. The dean then makes a comeback as a final threat to Ferris. His sister Jeanie lies to keep her brother safe.

Ferris rushes to get back in bed to make sure his parents don’t notice he was missing. He succeeds and manages to get away with another scandal just to scam another day.


In total Cody rates this movie a 9.5/10 

Rhett rates it a 9/10

An anonymous associate calls it a “10/10 timeless classic and a cinematic masterpiece”