Key Club “Egg My Yard” Fundraiser

Max Chrestenson, writer

This Easter, Limestone Key Club hid eggs in people’s yards to raise money for Easter Seals. Over 40 people signed up for the event and over 2,090 eggs were hidden.

“The highlight of the event is that Mrs. Zook and Mrs. William’s Life Skills Classrooms were able to participate with us in stuffing the eggs with candy.  This is meaningful because many of their students received services through Easter Seals and were able to volunteer their services to give back to an organization that has helped them. Hopefully, next year, when we have COVID more under control, we will be able to work more closely together on this project,” explained Key Club adviser Leslie Ptak.

“This fundraiser helps draw a certain momentum for our organization and creates energy for our students to become more involved in our community and provides an avenue for the students to give back to others!” shared Lisa Bentley, co-adviser.

Key Club decided to have this event because they saw a flyer from the East Peoria High School Key Club and thought it was a great way to raise money for Easter Seals.  After speaking with the East Peoria Key Club and getting their permission to run the event here, we thought it would help wrap up the Easter Seals Campaign that the Student Council runs every year. “We wanted to be able to contribute what we could to help them raise money for such a great cause. We also helped the East Peoria Key Club with their Egg My Yard fundraiser as they had so many orders that they were not able to fill all of them,” said sophomore Claire Kocher, Key Club president.

 For the first year of this event, Key Club donated $1285 to Easterseals.