Madrigal dinner goes virtual

Seattle Creasy, Writer

COVID-19 cannot stop the annual LCHS Madrigal Dinner.  Madrigal 2020 will be virtual.

The event which has been scheduled for a year will still happen from Friday, December 11 – Sunday, December 13.  This year, it’ll be a little different according to the Madrigal business manager, Carrie Webster. “The performances will be live streamed online, via the LCHS website and Facebook page,” says Webster.

As for the food, a key element of Madrigal, meals will be distributed to guests in to-go boxes which were purchased in advance for $12 a ticket. Each to-go box will contain a baked chicken breast and gravy, roasted red potatoes, green beans, white bread, and bread pudding. “We picked a few of our favorite parts of the many courses to serve this year”, said Webster. In addition, guests will also receive a bag of spices to make their own wassail, a spiced cider beverage, at home.

Sophomore Madrigal singer Kenzie Hart is looking forward to the virtual event.  “I think not having the stress of people in the audience will make Madrigal run smoother,” said Hart.  She continued by sharing,  “I love all of the excitement of being in costume and seeing everything come together.  It just feels complete.”

Virtual Madrigal will complete the holiday season for many.

Live Madrigal performances will be streamed at 7:30 pm on Friday and Saturday and at 4:30 pm on Sunday.  Visit the LCHS homepage to view the performances free of charge at .