Mamma Mia! Spring Musical a Hit

Peter Meismer, Writer

After workng hard for nine weeks, LCHS took to the state with the spring musical, Mama Mia. I only went to the Saturday showing, but I wish I had gone to all three showings. Every part of the musical was done extremely well; the casting, the acting, the music, the singing, the sets, and the choreography were fantastic.

The casting was extremely well done, with all of the actors fitting their roles perfectly, bringing the fictional characters to life. All of the actors put so much effort and emotion into every scene and it showed. Nearing the end of the musical when the character Donna, played by senior Kenzie Hart, performed the songs, “Slipping Through My Fingers,” and, “The Winner Takes It All,” the emotion of the character felt real and made me, too, feel the emotion, and that is only one example of the great performances from all of the actors.

The music, which was of the Swedish supergroup ABBA, was performed live in the pit before the stage. The pianist and percussionists performing did extremely well building up the music for the actors to sing along. The actors also did exceptionally well singing, never missing a beat. Together the musicians playing in the pit and the actors singing on stage brought the music, and with it the whole musical, to life.

The sets were well made and brought the theme of Grecian island life to the musical. The choreography was stunning and flawlessly beautifully performed. The performers were perfectly in sync and added dazzling features to the musical. 

If any of the actors made any mistakes, I didn’t notice any. The only mistakes I did notice were a few minimal technical issues where the microphones would go in and out a few times throughout the musical. But those minimal issues barely took away from the performance, and I still loved every moment of the musical. Overall, I can tell that the nine weeks that went into this musical were spent making the whole musical a beautiful experience.