Life skills learns new skills

Students create and sell craft projects


Cody Smith, Senior Writer

Life skills class assists people with disabilities to live independently and get jobs when they graduate. In the class, they often have activities where they create small crafts that they sell inside and outside of the school, often selling them to teachers. 

Mrs. Jennifer Williams, the teacher of one of the life skills classes explained, “It is a curriculum that is condensed in for the students to be able to work.” When selling the crafts, they put the money they earn into funding new projects to make in the future.  “Some kids have even begun making them outside of class for their own small business,” Williams continued.

During the holiday season, the class sold light-up snowmen, made from glass bowls, lights, stickers, glue, and cloth. Many teachers that bought these snowmen keep them in their rooms, sitting on their desks or their shelves, where they can be turned on to light up that area of the room.   Some gave the items as gifts. 

The class has also made wreaths to sell, and some students in the life skills class have even begun making them outside of school. 

The students made hot cocoa bombs and cheesecake bites for Valentine’s Day.