Valentine’s Day Dinner Locations

Julian Murphy, Writer

Many couples choose to enjoy their Valentine’s Day together with a romantic dinner, here is a compilation of some of the best local places to eat this Valentine’s Day!

Tyroni’s Pizza – Located right here in Bartonville, next to Bartonville Grade School Tyroni’s Pizza is a great Italian restaurant at a modest price. Personal Favorite: Breadsticks with cheese

Alexander’s Steakhouse – A quick 20 minute drive to Downtown Peoria will bring you to Alexander’s Steakhouse, which has great quality food, if you are willing to pay the price. Personal Favorite: Salad Bar, Grilled Swordfish

Weaver’s – A quick 16 minutes on I-474 will get you to Weaver’s in Peoria Heights. A moderately priced, fun bar and grill experience. Personal Favorite: Brynn’s Salad   (Weaver’s is hosting an Easterseals fundraiser night on Valentine’s Day.)

LaGondola – Another spot by Bartonville Grade School, a cheaper and quicker alternative to Tyroni’s Pizza for those who want a quick dinner.

McDonald’s – Located everywhere, for people who want something fast, cheap, and greasy. Having a date is optional…