Mamma Mia Cast List

Mamma Mia Cast List

LCHS is preparing for the upcoming musical, Mamma Mia, which will be held on March 17th – 19th.


Mamma Mia is a musical written by Catherine Johnson. First performed on April 6th 1999, the musical was based on songs from the Swedish supergroup, ABBA. It was composed by Benny Andersson & Björn Ulvaeus, members of the band. 

The musical follows the protagonist, Sophie who is soon to be married. She wants her father to walk her down the aisle despite having no idea who he is since her mother raised her alone. Sophie eventually stumbles upon her mother’s diary, in doing so, she discovers that her mother had three former lovers who could potentially be Sophie’s father. So, she invites them to the wedding in hopes of discovering which one could be her dad.

Mamma Mia Cast List:

Morgan Stephens as Sophie Sheridan

Natalie Garret as Ali

Ava Bentley as Lisa

Kenzie Hart as Donna Sheridan

Grace Ledeboer as Tanya

Minty Reece as Rosie

Liam Kallister as Sky

Tyler Martin as Pepper

Will Hurst as Eddie

Lucas Kunz as Harry Bright

Caleb Ortman as Bill Austin

Ryder Becker as Sam Carmichael

Brennen Becker as Father Alexandrios

Islanders and Wedding Guests:

Peyton Allen, Val Allen, Ashton Ayler, Brennen Becker, Caitlynn Burk, Jett Callear, Emely Canizales, Aliah Cox, Maddy Eickmeier, Adrien Fickes, Derek Furniss, Judi Georges, Stephanie Hammond, Sedona Howe, Anna Karmenzind, Saya Lee, Laila Logan, Sierra May, Madison Miller, Zoey Pepsak, Cecelia Reed, Vinny Reinecke, Bella Saeger, Jordan Schindler, Gracie Sims, Takumi Tomura, Elyssa Watts, and Ava Zeiler