Home Alone 1&2

Home Alone 1 and 2 are both undeniable Christmas movie classics, and both of them have been a must-watch for me every year when December comes around.

They both have a similar start with Kevin McCallister, played by Macaulay Culkin, and his family getting ready for their Christmas vacation. In the first movie, Kevin is left at home while his family goes on a Parisian vacation. While families in the area are all gone for the holidays, a duo of bandits, dubbed The Wet Bandits, chooses to break into homes and rob them while the families are away. When they try to break into Kevin’s house, however, he was prepared with booby traps laid across his home. After the robbers struggle their way through the McCalister home, they finally manage to get their hands on Kevin, but then Kevin’s neighbor fights the robbers and saves Kevin.

After the first experience, it would be assumed that Kevin’s family would do a more accurate roll call of their family before heading out on vacation, but in the sequel Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, Kevin is lost in an airport, and rather than going with his family to Florida, he accidentally takes a plane to New York City. At first, Kevin believes he’s living the high life.  He uses his father’s credit card to get a nice hotel room as well as a lot of food and snacks. Eventually, The Wet Bandits from the first movie escape confinement and are free to roam in New York. They wander around the city, spot Kevin, and go on the hunt for him without his knowledge. Kevin again sees how lonely the holidays are without his family.  While visiting with a homeless woman in the park, Kevin is attacked by The Wet Bandits.  Eventually, Kevin and his family are reunited and they spend the rest of the holiday season together.

While I prefer the sequel, both are still great movies. They both have great comedy, and the moral of the importance of family is done great too, especially in the second movie.  Both of these movies are my holiday favorites, and I rate both 10/10.

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