The Mousetrap a Hit with LCHS Theater

Cody Smith, Senior Writer

The Limestone theatre department recently staged The Mousetrap, a murder-mystery play written by Agatha Christie which recently celebrated its 70-year release anniversary.   It begins with Mollie (Madison Miller) and Giles Ralston (William Hurst) opening an inn where many different guests, such as Christopher Wren (Anakin Jenke), Mrs. Boyle (Grace Ledeboer), Major Metcalf (Minty Reece), Miss Casewell (Lily McMullin), and Mr. Paravicini (Andrew Zeiler) all arriving at the inn to begin their stay. A murder is announced by the radio (Victoria Towle), which seems somewhat minor at first, but eventually, it is revealed by Detective Sergeant Trotter (Kai Clark) that they may be in danger, due to the killer being on the loose, targeting specific people staying at the inn. The first victim within the inn is Mrs. Boyle, who is killed in the living room where nobody could see what happened. Eventually, as things begin to become more intense, it is found out that the killer is secretly Sergeant Trotter, who actually isn’t a police officer, but a man with schizophrenia and a motive to kill.

I enjoyed the play, the twist at the end was unexpected, and, overall, the acting was done really well. The set looked really good for a high school production, and the costumes were also done really well. Both this year’s and last year’s plays have been really well put together and personally, I will probably continue to see the plays until I graduate.