Taste Test

Limelight staff rate bottom of the trick-or-treat pumpkin candy

Cody Smith, Senior Writer

For Halloween, the Limelight staff decided to take some of the most hated candies that can be found in baskets and rated them. We then averaged them out and saved the scores of the six candies.

Going from highest to lowest, the top-rated candy was the classic tootsie roll at 2.7/5. A classic chocolate candy that is almost always found on Halloween.

Next up are Reece’s pumpkins, rated 2.5/5, the small pumpkin-shaped Reece’s candies that are another popular handout every year.  The quality of peanut butter has changed and leaves a weird after taste.  The peanut butter to chocolate ratio seems off.

The third candy is the pumpkin-shaped candy corn candies, rated 2.2, these are very similar and taste and texture to normal candy corn but slightly different enough to note them as separate candies.

After that is cow tails, a 1.7, they’re a less popular candy for handing out and consist of just caramel and cream in the center.  This candy lack visual appeal.

The penultimate candy is Mounds, a 1.5, very similar to the popular Almond Joy, but these have no almonds, and use dark chocolate rather than milk chocolate.   We were surprised this one did not come in last.

And then we tasted black licorice.  Last and definitely least is black licorice, rated 0.8/5, this candy has had more zeros than any other candy on the list, rated the lowest of any candy.  The spicy, salty flavor combination was also compared to tar by one Limelight staff member.  It is the worst of the worst.