Girls Investing in Girls


Dagan Brick, Writer

The Girls Investing in Girls program, sponsored by The Women’s Fund and Morgan Stanley, is meant to support women and help them understand philanthropy, charity, and how to evaluate grants.


Four students, Claire Kocher, Cecelia Reed, Lily McMullin, and Victoria Towle, attended the event, held at The First Federated Church with counselor Jayshree Panchal.  “I think it’s a great experience for young girls to teach them about philanthropy,” said Panchal.


The event allowed the students to evaluate two non-profit organizations each applying for a 5,000 dollar grant and awarding it to one of the two. “For high school students doing something big and meaningful is really important for them,” said Panchal.


The 5,000 dollar grant was granted to “Connecting With Caregivers,” a program dedicated to providing support, parent education, and parent-child opportunities to mothers and children in an effort to strengthen families.