Mrs. Bryan’s 2022 Costa Rica Trip.


Over the summer of 2022, Mrs. Adriana Bryan gave some students the opportunity to travel to Costa Rica to experience a new culture, try new things, and learn from the country. 

Bryan started to offer this opportunity to students for the reason that many won’t have a chance to travel to another country. As well as its an educational trip the students get to try new activities like zip lining, boat rides, white water raft, spending a day at the beach, students also get to take a nightly walk and get to experience night animals. 

Aside from doing activities and exploring the country, students also had the opportunity to visit a grade school and donate supplies and additionally visit with some of the school students from Kindergarten to 8th grade. “Spending time with students that have so  much less than we do and seeing the smile on my students when talking with the Costa Rican students.” was one of the best parts of the trip, Bryan said. 

Bryan takes a new group of students to travel with her every 2 years. The next planned trip is in 2024. “If anyone is ever given the chance to travel, they should take it because it opens your eyes to a whole new world.” Bryan exclaims, she continues with “The experience is indescribable and the memories are everlasting.” If you are a LCHS student and you are interested in going feel free to contact Mrs. Bryan or stop by room 204 and inquire.