Adams Family Competes at State Fair

Dagan Brick, Writer

Math teacher Kris Adams had three entries in the 2022 Illinois State Fair.  Adams entered a foreign bread-pane bianco, a ginger quick bread,  and a cross stitch Christmas ornament of a sailor.   Adams was most proud of his ornament,  “One of my better entries I’ve had in recent years,” said Adams.


His family also entered several projects.  Ginger, his wife, entered several cross stitch projects and won several first-place ribbons as well as grand champion honors.  Caspian, his son and a junior at LCHS, entered a photograph that he took for his photography class and won a third-place ribbon. “I felt like that picture was my favorite picture I had taken in the past few years,” said Caspian.


Adams and his family have been participating in the state fair since 2000 when they started participating because they had heard a report on the local news and made some smaller entries for the event.  Ever since it has become a family tradition. 


“It’s a great way to engage with people around the state, and you don’t necessarily need a special talent.  If you’ve got a collection of things there’s probably a category for it. There are ways to get involved like art or baking, if you make your own clothes there’s probably a category for what you make, find a way to get involved, it’s fun,” explained Adams.