Limestone’s Unified Basketball Wins State

Cody Smith and Rhett Kleiber

On Saturday, March 12th, the Limestone Unified Basketball team won their game at state in Champaign, Illinois.

One player on the team, Brody Reed, said, “Making it all the way to finals felt great, seeing the kids, the smiles on their faces, and what they experienced made me feel joy.” When asked about how difficult it was to make it to the finals, Reed claimed it was tough but they still came out on top. They prepared for their games by practicing every day, which inevitably led them to their victory.

Dajon Taylor feels appreciative of being able to get to the finals with good sportsmanship and practice and is very proud. Taylor felt it was tough to win, as they had to be aggressive in how they played. He has high hopes of winning again next season!

Another player, Zach Boyd, says it felt amazing to make it to finals and that it was easy to make it since, “We were really good, I feel like our chemistry was on point.”

The team’s coach, Stacey Seals, was awarded was Unified Coach of the Year during the Easterseals assembly. Seals explains how exciting it was to have made it all the way to finals. “Our team had won regionals back in 2020 but then the state series was canceled when everything shut down for covid.” She says the kids have been putting a lot of effort into training and practicing every day. They practiced every day during RA to get to where they did and there is the hope of them making it to finals again next year.

The team would practice in Rocket Academy daily.