Play House Raffle


Adam Davis, Writer

The senior carpentry class at Limestone designed and built a playhouse for the Easterseals raffle as their senior project.

Teacher Shane Chandler put a team together for this project. They got the design from the brand new textbooks for this year.

The project began in the fall and will finish shortly after the closing assembly.  Chandler explained,  “The playhouse provides a real application of many carpentry-related skills. ” This entire project helped students practice their skills on building wood projects and helped Easterseals spread their message,”

“I believe the biggest benefit for the students is the real-world experience of building a house and knowing that it will benefit Easterseals,” Chandler continued.

The project was valued at $3000 and was up for raffle on March 22, 2022, during the closing assembly of the Easterseals campaign. Tickets were sold for 25 dollars each with a limit of 200.

The custom 60 square foot playhouse was won by the principal’s office secretary Laura Tessem.   Tessem shared, ” I am absolutely ecstatic about winning the playhouse!”  Tessem has a 1-month-old granddaughter, Mila, and will be decorating the playhouse for her.  Tessem said, “I am so blessed to have won this, it is sure to be well-loved by our sweet girl!”