Snow Day Challenge Accepted

On Wednesday, February 3rd, and Thursday, February 4th, Dr. Ryder hosted a snow day challenge for whoever did a good deed.  The Be a Better Rocket Challenge had students shoveling snow, doing chores around the house, and helping others. The winners of the challenge would win a coupon to get a free treat at the snack bar. There was a range of 9 to 14 inches of snow over the span of these two days. Limestone’s spirit helped shovel driveways and sidewalks for the community. Originally, there were only supposed to be 20 winners, but based on how many submissions she received, Dr. Gresham decided to partner with Ryder to award 40 winners.

The winners were:

Camden Bennett, Kylee Bennett, Austyn Huddleston, Gregory Baughman, Hunter Youmans-Liescke, Kylee Slusher, Koda Schielein, Aidan Graham, Parker Potter, Tyler Snyder, Grace Kuhn, Maddeonna Menchasca, Savannah Schlosser, Tyler Martin, Morgan Stephens, Natasha Taylor, Connor Scholl, Landon Drowns, Adriana Johnson, Lasya Payton, Carson Suits, JD Spencer, Andrew Riggs, Melanie Hedgepeth, Clayton Bell, Caiden Bell, Doyan Faulkenberry, Ty Fate, Corryn Zimmerman, Brody Reed, Bryson Jarvis, Raleigh Bart, Dolapo Olaseni, Jasmine Brown, James Brown, Paige Inman, Ricky Inman, Bryson Williams, Logan Cooke, and Nara Cape

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