Valentines Day Quizzes

Valentine’s Day Quizzes

Which Celeb Will Be Your Valentine’s Date?

  1. What movie will you be watching?
    • A. Chick Flick
    • B. Action Movie
    • C. Scary Movie
  2. What do you prefer?
    • A. Fancy Restaurant
    • B. Order In
    • C. Drive thru
  3.  What would you like to be gifted?
    • A. Flowers
    • B. Chocolates
    • C. Love letter
  4.  How will you dress?
    • A. Dress up 
    • B. Dress casual 
    • C. Pajamas  
  5. What Valentine candy will you be eating? 
    • A. Box of Chocolates
    • B. Heart suckers
    • C. Candy Hearts
  6. How would you classify yourself?
    • A. Hopeless romantic
    • B. Realistic Romantic
    • C. Anti-Romance


Mostly A: If you picked mostly A you are the hopeless romantic. You love Valentine’s Day. Your celebrity you spending Valentine’s Day with is 

  • Tom Holland 
  • Taylor Swift

Mostly B: If you got mostly B you are most realistic about romance but you still enjoy Valentine’s Day. Your celebrity you will be spending the day with is

  • Tyler Herro
  • Zendaya 

Mostly C: You are against anything romantic, you are the anti-valentines day. The celebrity you will be spending the day with is 

  • Jake Gyllenhaal 
  • Rhianna 


What Should You Watch This Valentine’s Day?

  1. What is your favorite genre?
    • A. Horror
    • B. Comedy
    • C. Chick Flick
  1. Would you more likely watch a TV show or a movie?
    • A. TV show
    • B. Movie
    • C. Either
  1. Are you more of a…
    • A. Non-romantic
    • B. Lovey-Dovey person
    • C. Depends if I’m single or in a relationship
  1. What would you eat during the movie?
    • A. Popcorn
    • B. Chocolate 
    • C. Slushie
  1. Would you rather only get to watch valentines day movies for the rest of your life or only wear the color red for the rest of your life?
    • A. Movies
    • B. Red clothes
    • C. Doesn’t matter
  1. Would you rather ask someone to be your valentine or somebody to ask you to be theirs?
    • A. Ask
    • B. Be Asked 
    • C. Don’t mind


If you picked mostly A, you are a lover of TV shows and a non-romantic person. You should watch-

  • Article 81
  • American Horror Stories

If you picked mostly B, you love comedy and love valentines day, and are mostly a lovey-dovey person and loves a good chocolate bar. You should watch

  • Pretty Woman
  • 10 things I hate about you

If you picked mostly C, you love a good chick flick, and you don’t mind valentines day. You should watch

  • 27 Dresses
  • Pride and Prejudice


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