Farewell Ms. Frascona

Farewell Ms. Frascona

Max Chrestenson, Senior Writer

After five years at Limestone Community High School, beloved teacher and friend, Ms. Chloe Frascona is moving to a city just north of Tampa Florida called Port Richey.

“After moving to Florida I plan to help take care of my family for the foreseeable future, and really only time will tell after that! I may end up teaching again; I’m not against the idea. But those who know me well know I have dreams to open an ice cream shop. Florida seems like the perfect place to do so!” Frascona explains.

Frascona has taught classes such as Cooking and Baking 1 and 2, formally known as Foods and Nutrition 1 and 2, as well as Orientation to Family and Consumer Sciences, and Intro to Culinary Arts.

Frascona says her favorite part about teaching at Limestone was, “being able to share my passion with so many students and watch them grow as cooks throughout the semester, or year. I always enjoy seeing students marvel at the food they make, and realize that they have the ability to make delicious food.”

Though Frascona says she has a bank load of favorite memories at Limestone, her favorite is, “taking students to tour Joliet Junior College, my alma mater, and participating with culinary students at their facility. We finished the day by having a meal at the restaurant in the facility, where the culinary students prepare all the food. It was fantastic to see the wonder in my student’s eyes as they tried food that was prepared in ways they might not have ever even heard of before, and they were all very grateful by the experience.”

When asked what advice she had for us at Limestone, Ms. Frascona says to, “Put that cell phone down, and don’t forget to enjoy the world around you. Build good relationships with your friends and family, and tell them you love them often. Be nice and work hard! It has been a pleasure to teach at Limestone over the past few years, and I am thankful for all the relationships I developed over my time there. I have enjoyed every second of being a teacher, which is something I never thought I would do in my life! I truly will miss everyone The Rock, but I am excited for the next chapter of my life. Feel free to reach out anytime, and say hello if you’re ever in the Tampa area!”