Monster House Movie Review

Monster House Movie Review

Rhett Kleiber and Cody Smith

Monster House, an animated Halloween classic, begins with a little girl riding her trike and getting stuck in her elderly neighbor’s yard.  The creepy old man breaks her trike and scares her off.  Hearing the house was haunted and wanting to learn more, DJ and Chowder like to spy on the old man’s house.  The boys witness some unusual activity at the house. The three of them decide to make a plan and test the house. They try to involve the police but it goes wrong. Refusing to give up, the boys continue to test the house. An epic battle between the boys and the house ensues.

“This movie is 8.5/10 because the story is well written and I enjoy the horror themes for a kids movie but my main issue with it was how overly fast-paced the end was and how the pacing changed just for the end. The animation also wasn’t great but then again it was made 15 years ago so it’s excused for the animation. One detail about the characters themselves I didn’t like was as soon as a girl was introduced the boys began to turn on each other.”

(Cody 8.5/10)


“This movie is 7/10 for me because it is well written. Yet, I can’t get over how dumb the boys are. It also was a kinda fast ending, maybe they rushed it? It’s overall a good classic, and honestly, the old man had some good character development props to him.”

  • Rhett Kleiber