Top Spooky Books

If you’re looking for something spooky to sit back and read this October, this list has you covered. These books are listed in no particular order, it all depends on the type of story you’re looking for.


Fear Street Saga – R.L. Stine

Now with its own trilogy of Netflix exclusives, Fear Street by R.L. Stine has grown in popularity. These books are a little bit more intense than your typical Goosebumps book that you would normally expect from Stine.


IT – Stephen King

After the revival of the IT legacy by the movies IT (2017) and IT Chapter 2 (2019), Stephen King’s classic has made its way back into the hands of readers. Coming with it is some very serious topics and intense scenes, read at your own risk.


The Haunting of Hill House – Shirley Jackson

If you like ghosts, you will definitely enjoy Shirley Jackson’s Haunting of Hill House. It follows 4 unique characters as they search through the Hill House. It was scary enough to get 2 films, a play, and a Netflix adaptation.


Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark – Multiple Authors

If you want something that you can pick up at any time, I would absolutely recommend any of the Scary Stories books. It is a collection of short stories that will definitely have you locking your windows at night.


Give Yourself Goosebumps! Series – R.L. Stine

Everyone loves a good spooky story, but what about a spooky story that you get to make the choices in? No more sighing at silly decisions that characters make, because with Give Yourself Goosebumps! you can be in control. These stories are pretty lighthearted, so this is something anyone can enjoy.


House of LeavesMark Z. Danielewski

This is a scary story that can be enjoyed by high-schoolers and adults alike. House of Leaves was Mark Z. Danielewski’s debut book, earning him a great reputation in the Horror novel scene. House of Leaves follows a family that moves into a house with a strange flaw, it’s bigger on the inside than the outside.


Radium Girls – Kate Moore

Kate Moore’s true horror grips readers and shows them the reality of working conditions in the US for some people. Radium Girls follows a group of women who worked in radium dial factories where they were not allowed many basic safety equipment and precautions, making them suffer many different physical mutations.


Anya’s Ghost – Vera Brosgol

Vera Brosgol’s coming-of-age graphic novel about, the loveable main character, Anya befriends a ghost, Emily. Emily died around the same age as Anya 90 years prior. If you want a graphic novel that’ll make you think, you’ll enjoy Anya’s Ghost.


BONE Series – Jeff Smith

The BONE series by Jeff Smith is something that can be enjoyed even if you’re just looking for a casual adventure. The Comedy/Thriller and Smith’s most popular title follows 3 loveable characters on their adventures away from home, along with the friends, enemies, and everything in between they encounter along the way. This is both a personal favorite and a favorite among young adult audiences.


Don’t Look Back – Jennifer L. Armentrout

Jennifer L. Armentrout’s modern mystery ranks at an impressive 4 stars on Amazon reviews. It follows a girl who loses her memory when her best friend disappears, she’s excited to get a second chance but she still needs to find her best friend.

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