Ebbert Curates Quite a Collection


Makayla Sanders, Senior Writer

Limestone teachers and students have many hobbies in their free time.  It appears to be no secret that Mr. Ebbert has been collecting sports memorabilia for many years. 

Ebbert shared, “I have been collecting sports items for as long as I can remember.”  Ebbert went on to talk about what made him start collecting sports items. He said, “It started when my dad gave me some baseball cards when I was about four or five years old.” 

When talking to Ebbert, he mentioned that his favorite thing to collect would have to be sports cards. Ebbert recalled, “Sometimes I would go with my dad to the baseball card shop and fell in love with sports collecting.” 

On the topic of favorite things, Mr. Ebbert explained that his favorite piece of all time is, “a scorecard/program from the Peoria Redwings women’s professional baseball team.”  He continued, “The scorecard was from my grandparents’ first date.  There is a note written by my grandmother on it that says they got it on their first date. My grandpa passed away in 2009 and my grandma in 2015 so it always reminds me of them.”

Although Ebbert is a family guy and loves spending time with them, he uses his sports memorabilia as a form of relaxation.  Ebbert shared, “I have lots of things that give me peace besides sports memorabilia such as family, but it is something I do to relax.” 

To Ebbert, his collection is more than memorabilia, it’s a full experience.  “I try to take baseball trips each summer.  It is a nice way to unwind and relax at the end of the school year,” said Ebbert  

Ebbert not only collects memorabilia, but he also sells things on eBay. He sells “extra items” and other cards that have less meaning to him.  Ebbert once sold a baseball card for $1,200 on eBay which was the biggest amount that he has gotten on a card. 

In addition to selling memorabilia, Ebbert also makes mini football helmets for smaller colleges and football leagues.  He explained, “I can usually get around $10 per helmet on eBay for them.”