Gotta Wear Shades


With summer 2021 opening new doors for everyone both literally and figuratively, sunglasses are a versatile way to turn some heads. Many guys already own a pair or two of outdated sunglasses, and may be searching for an updated pair for this summer. If that’s you, then look no further! This list is compiled of some of my top picks for sunglasses that can play a key role in your wardrobe.

  1. Round Vintage Sunglasses
  2. D-Frame Sunglasses
  3. Over sized Aviator Sunglasses
  4. Retro Sunglasses
  5. Square Wayfarer Sunglasses
  6. Classic Clubmasters

What lady doesn’t love a good pair of sunnies to finish off an outfit?  This summer, check out these trends in summer eyewear:

  1.  Sporty
  2. Retro round
  3. Rectangles
  4. Cat eye
  5. XXL
  6. Aviators