Motocross with Alex Reavely


Seattle Creasy, Writer

Alex Reavely is a freshman at Limestone Community Highschool. Reavely plays football and runs cross country, but Reavely participates in one sport not offered by the high school: motocross! 

Motocross is a form of off-road motorcycle racing. Reavely seems as though he is very experienced in this sport. He explains, “I’ve been riding motocross since I was two, but started racing 3 years ago”. 

When it comes to difficulty, Reavely says that the most difficult part of motocross is doing long motos on the track. Reavely also states that his favorite part of motocross is, “just going to the track on a warm day and practicing”. 

Reavely told us he has big goals coming up for motocross. His goal is to get into class B by the end of the motocross season. In motocross, racers are categorized by classes A, B, and C. Class B is the second fastest. 

Due to the fact that motocross is not offered at high schools, one might assume that many colleges don’t offer it either, however, Oklahoma State University does have a club, Cowboy MX, dedicated to motocross. 

Other than college, there is more chance for advancement in motocross. According to Reavely, the AMA, (American Motorcyclist Association), will pick a select amount of motocross racers to travel the country competing, and the best of the best will compete in the National Monster Energy Supercross. 

Motocross competes on the XGames circuit.