Luke Schaefer’s Uncommon Hobby

Max Chrestenson, Writer

Some people make it a hobby to paint and sell art. Others may play cards or collect valuable items, but junior Luke Schaefer enjoys spending his time playing rugby. 

Schaefer has been playing rugby for five years, playing for the u16 Eira national team, and was fifteen playing with sixteen and seventeen year old’s. Currently, Schaefer plays for a team in Arizona called Tempe RFC. Him and his team are currently undefeated and plan on having it stay that way. He has a game tonight against Tucson, and tomorrow against San Diego.

Schaefer is currently located in Arizona playing for his team while attending online school during the day. He makes it a priority to focus on school and homework before he puts on his jersey. When asked what it is like to play for a team so far away from home, he says this. “It’s a great honor to compete with the team out here in Arizona. I do miss my friends a lot but I have already made so many new ones here.”

Luke plans on attending college for rugby and is looking at schools such as The University of Arizona, UCLA, Marian University, West Point, Cal Berkeley, and the University of Kentucky. 

In the future Luke also hopes to go pro in the US or overseas. Schaefer has traveled far and wide for rugby, one time even traveling to Ireland. 

To many, travel opportunities may be their favorite part of the sport, but not for Schaefer. “I like the respect for one another during and after the game. I also like the teamwork and the brotherhood that it has. I have made so many friends across the US, and I don’t think I would have done that without rugby. Rugby has also made me more disciplined and more of a leader on and off the field,” he explained.

Those who didn’t see Luke Schaefer as a leader before, they surely do now.