Watkins Shares Unique Hobby

Makenzie Clarken, Senior Writer

Limestone junior, Paige Watkins, ice skates in her free time something not many in the area do. Watkins has been skating for two years, and although she does not skate competitively now, there is a possibility of it in the future.  

Watkins originally started ice skating because she never really liked any of the sports at school. She chose ice skating over other options because seeing it on TV and social media inspired her. Watkins also knew how much she enjoyed independent sports and thought ice skating was worth a try. By doing something outside of the box she has realized how much she enjoys ice skating. “My favorite part about ice skating is that when I am on the ice, I forget about everything else” explains Watkins. 

As of now she only practices once a week for an hour, and sometimes has private lessons with her coach. Watkins is on a level 8 skill factor. This means she is close to the end of the levels. After this level she will focus more on jumping and spinning in her lessons. She plans to continue skating until she is out of high school. 

By Watkins not doing the traditional sports throughout the school she gets to experience something that not all kids do. She has also come to value something unique that sets her apart from a crowd. 

P. Watkins